Ordinary Meeting Minutes 6/04/2010


Minutes of the Meeting of Penshurst Parish Council held on Tuesday 6 April 2010 at 7.30 pm in Penshurst Village Hall
1. PRESENT: Cllrs R Sellings (Chairman), Mrs D Broad, A Campbell, S Frederick, D Geal, M Gilbert, Mrs A Hill, R Horsford, C Viccars
2. MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 1 March, having been circulated, were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Administration: The following documents, policies and PC administrative papers had been updated as required by the clerk and circulated to members during the month for their attention. It was unanimously agreed they be approved and adopted for ensuing year.
a. Standing Orders
b. Financial Regulations
c. Risk Assessment
d. Freedom of Information Policy
e. Code of Practice for Handling Complaints
f. Race Equality
Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items
If a Member has a prejudicial interest, this should be declared at the start of the meeting.
Personal interests may be declared at this point or alternatively can be declared at the time when the specific item is being discussed, if a Member wishes to speak on an item in which s/he has a personal interest.
In view of the number of parishioners attending to observe the planning application relating to Salmans Farm Cllr Sellings suggested this item be moved forward on the agenda, this was unanimously agreed by members.
SE/10/00517: Land at Salmans Farm, Salmans Lane, Penshurst: Retrospective application for erection of temporary portable, multi-bay polythene tunnel structures for protection of cane fruit crops.
Clerk provided a resume of the situation to date. The PC had arranged for the planning application information to be available at the Fordcombe Village Hall for both the parishioners and Mr Adam Shorter to attend to discuss the details. As a result of this many concerns were raised by both parishioners and members of the council with regard to the application. As a result of the meeting these had subsequently been addressed by Mr Shorter who had written to the PC confirming his willingness to compromise on various issues. Clerk explained the planning/decision/appeal process. Clerk gave information on options open to the members of the PC with regard to voting on the application ie members would be required to vote on the basic application as submitted without reference to the letter forwarded by Mr Shorter as this had not been submitted to SDC as an official amendment to the application. If they wished, a resolution could be submitted with a further qualifying response to SDC regarding the letter received from Mr Shorter, together with any other issues they wished to raise in relation to it. Clerk advised that members were permitted to vote on an open show of hands or if two of their number wished a written vote, this would also be acceptable.
Members discussed the application and Cllr Sellings read out the letter received from Mr Shorter confirming his willingness to compromise on a number of issues raised. Cllr Sellings proposed a written vote be taken, this was seconded by Cllr Mrs Broad and unanimously agreed.
Clerk prepared voting slips for members which were completed. Clerk checked the papers and confirmed that the vote had been against the application.
Cllr Sellings proposed a second written vote, seconded by Cllr Mrs Broad on the issue, this was unanimously agreed. Clerk collated the points raised by the members who agreed the following be put forward for a vote:
It was resolved that the PC would have a mind to approve the planning application if the following conditions were attached
that the tunnels and polythene in Areas 14, 15 & 16 be removed by 30 November 2010 and in addition Areas 11,12 & 13 be removed by the same date. ?The process of removal could begin in Areas 11, 12 and 15 as these would be the first to cease cropping (by mid-August) and the remaining areas to be removed as they finish cropping. Area 14 would be the final area to be removed.
A limit on the use of the coach road from the main entrance at the eastern end of the private road, westwards towards Salmans Farm complex with the exception of retaining a right of way to access the field to the south of the lane at Point E on DH4 in order to service the pump.
A suitable acoustic barrier be maintained around the pump to minimise noise. Due to the 35% reduction in acreage in 2011 it will be possible also to cease using the pump set by the river on Sundays and limit water abstraction to 7 am – 7 pm other days. Exceptional use outside these hours to be agreed in the event of a breakdown, hours and dates of these times of use to be logged.
Design and implement a landscape plan to include planting Area 18 to mitigate the effect of the tunnels from views from The Warren and Grove Road, to be completed by March 2011.
Hours of work to be limited on Area 11for current season and Area 5 for the duration of permission to between 7 am and 5 pm Mondays to Fridays and 9.30 am – 4.30 pm Saturday and Sunday.
Agreed drainage scheme to be completed before covering commences in 2011, subject to permission being granted by June 2010 in order that work can be planned and necessary consents obtained.
HGVs to be prevented from using the access road
A covenant/legal agreement to be attached to the land that surrenders the potential use of those areas where it is possible the original consent was not correctly contained. (Areas 15/16/7/17/18/10) so that the applicant cannot apply for a certificate of lawful use. (We understand if original consent is proved to be flawed and law use certificate obtained this would effectively give applicant use of area in perpetuity)
The length of term of lease to be reduced from 15 years to 8 years
Clerk prepared voting slips for members which were completed. Clerk checked the papers and confirmed that the vote had been in favour of the application. Clerk to submit members’ response to SDC. It was confirmed by SDCllr Cooke and the clerk that Mr Shorter would be required to submit a copy of his letter confirming his willingness to comply with the above conditions to SDC.
a. Fordcombe Hospital Bus Stop: Cllr Horsford advised that the landowner was unhappy about the use of his land for a hard standing due to the H&S implications if an accident occurred. Clerk was asked to write to the Spire Hospital and Speldhurst PC confirming that Penshurst PC were unable to find any other solution to the problem and leave the issue with them to deal with as they saw fit.
b. Saltbins: Request submitted to Sue Ireland for provision of salt bins when next round of allocations are made, clerk to check when an answer would be available as the PC wished to purchase their own bins if none would be available from county.
c. Poundsbridge Manor: Problems with drainage reported to highways under reference 4492, website stated on 6 April that work had been completed. Members to advise clerk if problem persists.
a. Swaylands: Cllr Sellings advised that all units in Drummond Hall had been sold with only six units remaining available in the main house. A show unit would be available shortly in Woodgate Manor and it was understood the Lodge was under offer. Cllr Sellings to check on two exterior lights on the main building being left on all night.
b. Kent County Councillor: No report
c. Sevenoaks District Councillor: Cllr Cooke had attended the meeting to provide information relating to the Salmans Farm planning application but had no other urgent issues to report. Members thanked him for the time he had taken to advise in relation to the application.
d. KALC: Cllr Mrs Hill had attended the meeting when planning issues and salt bins had been discussed.
e. Community Officer : No report
f. Alms Houses: Cllr Mrs Hills confirmed the quinquennial review and internal inspection had been undertaken. The gardens needed tidying and there were problems with damp as the buildings were of a single stone construction; both these issues were being addressed.
Longbridge: Repairs and white lining awaited at beginning of new financial year when weather permits.
River Medway Bridleway Bridge: It was understood the original contractors had been sacked, further contractors would need to be appointed.
Verge Mowing and Hedge Cutting: List of landowners provided for clerk, letters/telephone calls made to request hedges be cut back.
Penshurst Junction: Work had been carried out.
New Road: Repairs to broken man hole cover completed.
Road Surface – Fordcombe: Reported to Sue Ireland, no further information available.
Interactive Road Signs: Request submitted for addition of ‘School’ sign to upright of unit if not already fitted, no further information available at present time.
Slippery Pavement: Work on renewal completed, clerk passed on appreciation of PC and parish to Kent Highways for the good standard of work provided. Letter of thanks and appreciation received from parishioner, clerk to pass on to Highways.
Penshurst Churchyard: Clerk assumed as work had not been completed the original contractor would have been sacked. PROW officer would prefer to place this type of work with local contractors, further information awaited.
Potholes: 3708 Penshurst Road, Leigh: Website indicates matter resolved. 3710 Penshurst Road, Bidborough: Website indicates work completed. 4494 Poundsbridge Lane, Speldhurst: Sent to utility/ Third Party for action.
Fordcombe Drainage: No further update on drain clearance on Spring Hill/Manor Drive, Cllr Lake aware.
Footpath Signs: Clerk to check on missing footpath sign and report further damaged footpath sign adjacent to Daneby Hall, The Lane.
OPEN SESSION No issues raised
SE/10/00416: Walters Green Farm, Walters Green Road, Penshurst: Erection of single 10 KW Wind Turbine. WITHDRAWN
SE/10/00319: Little Chart, Smarts Hill, Penshurst: Erection of a two storey side extension. No Comment
SE/10/00524: Godfrey House, Coldharbour Road, Penshurst: Formation of swimming pool within the domestic curtilage of the property. The PC have no objections to the application but would record their concern at the proximity of the public footpath to the pool and the consequent need for screening from public view.
SE/10/00427/8LBC: The Old Rectory, High Street, Penshurst: Installation of reclaimed gate within the curtilage of a grade 2 listed building within a conservation area. No Comment
SE/10/00438: Chafford Rise, Chafford Lane, Fordcombe: Demolition of garage and erection of replacement garage. No Comment
Se/10/00525: Godfrey House, Coldharbour Road, Penshurst: Demolition of garage, calving pen and goat house and erection of garden store/games room within the domestic curtilage of the property. No Comment
SE/10/00685: Horns Lodge, Coldbarbour Road, Penshurst: Connect existing house to utility room range by enclosing existing open loggia. Alteration to fenestration on main house.
SE/09/02906LBC: South Lodge, Penshurst road, Penshurst: Removal of stud partition wall from existing WC area. Erection of new partition wall for WSC/utility. Replace of Crittal Window with new oak frame. Installation of new condensing boiler in cellar with the fuel to be situation at ground floor level. Installation of sky dish at rear. LBC GRANTED
SE/10/00094: Lane Cottage, The Lane, Fordcombe: Erection of replacement tackroom/feed store. GRANTED
HW/TOP/06/2010: Oak tree situated at the entrance to Latymers, Penshurst Road.
a. Planning: Copy letters/emails from parishioners containing responses to SDC regarding Salmans Farm application.
b. Audit Commission: Audit papers for completion for year 2009/2010
c. SDC: Advice on revised process for dealing with TPO and Conservation Area pruning consultations
d. Information Commissioner’s Office: Confirmation of renewal of PC registration
e. SLCC: Information regarding current situation with regard to salt bin provision
f. Diocese of Rochester: Advice received that Evans & Langford instructed to carry out repairs to boundary wall, start date to be advised.
The following accounts were presented and approved for payment:
Mr I Streeter Lengthsman 78.00
Hazelwood Tree Management Penshurst Churchyard Tree Surgery 1175.00
RIP Cleaning Services Dog Waste Removal 85.66
Campaign to Protect Rural England Annual Subscription 29.00
Kent Association of Local Councils Annual Subscription 581.09
Welcome Printing Photocopying/Stationery 2009/2010 227.87
Penshurst Primary School Hall Hire 24.00
Complete Weed Control Village Weed Treatment 164.50
South East Water Allotment Water Supply 10.24
a. SDC – Mr Richard Wilson (Head of Environmental and Operational Services): Request for instruction on billing for public conveniences. It was unanimously agreed that clerk request invoicing be timed in conjunction with the payment of the precept.
b. SDC – Sally Richford (Regeneration and Youth Manager): Invitation for PC to contribute £350 to provide a Family Fun Day in parish. It was unanimously agreed that the PC agree to pay for the Family Fun Day in the parish but request that usage be monitored and advertising be provided in good time for the event.
c. PC Accounts: Final quarterly accounts plus draft annual accounts circulated to members for information. Clerk confirmed the audit commission had given a date for submission of the annual accounts, these had been completed and were with the internal auditor for comment prior to the annual parish assembly.
d. Allotments: Clerk confirmed a vacant plot at Warren site had been allocated to another interested party. There was one vacancy at Bottle House, it was suggested a note in the parish magazines to this effect would be a good idea with notices on the boards also being posted. Letters had been sent out to allotment holders the previous autumn requesting them to rectify faults identified during the councillors’ inspection visit, these had been complied with.
e. Insurance: Clerk advised the insurance renewal had been received. It was unanimously agreed that the old play equipment was no longer worth the premium levied, clerk to check cost of replacement bus shelters prior to having premium re-quoted.
a. Highways: Pothole by Coldharbour Farm, Coldharbour Lane; partially missing ‘bend’ road sign in Coldharbour Lane, potholes in Broad Lane near Fitchetts Farm. Clerk to report.
Meeting concluded at 9.20 pm Next Meeting 12 April 2010
Annual Parish Assembly – Penshurst
4 May 2010 – Fordcombe