Ordinary Meeting Minutes 6/04/2009


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Penshurst Parish Council held on Monday 6 April 2009 at 7.30 pm in Penshurst Village Hall
1.            PRESENT: Cllrs C Viccars (Chairman), Mrs D Broad, A Campbell, D Geal, M Gilbert, Mrs A Hill, R Horsford, R Sellings
APOLOGIES:    Cllr S Frederick, The Clerk.    Members recorded their best wishes for Evelyn’s recovery.
2.            MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 2 March, having been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items:     
If a Member has a prejudicial interest, this should be declared at the start of the meeting.
Personal interests may be declared at this point or alternatively can be declared at the time when the specific item is being discussed, if a Member wishes to speak on an item in which s/he has a personal interest.    NONE   
3.            MATTERS ARISING:
a.            Housing Survey:  Advice received from Richard Hall that he had relinquished the post as Rural Housing Enabler with Action with Communities in Rural Kent.   His replacement would take over with effect from the end of May and further information was awaited regarding the possible site suggested by the PC for purchase.
b.            Fordcombe Hospital Bus Stop:    Request to be made to the Hospital Manager to approach the bus company for a shelter.
c.            Rubbish Bins:  Cllrs Geal and Sellings had with work in hand.
d.         Public Toilets:   Cllrs Geal, Mrs Hill and Sellings to provide optional dates for meeting with Richard Wilson, Head of Environmental and Operational Services for SDC to discuss options regarding the proposed closure of the public toilets.   Toilets now in working order.
e.         Boxing Day Hunt:    A meeting had been held with the Hunt Master to discuss problems experienced at the previous hunt.    It was agreed that suggestions to alleviate problems in relation to parking, hounds, fouling etc would be emailed to the PC.   An increase in stewards would be arranged to minimise problems and the PC welcomed the general apology for the inconvenience caused by the last meet.
f.             Pharmacy Application: Cllrs Mrs Hill and Sellings had attended the meeting of invited interested parties.   Cllr Mrs Hill explained the meeting had been called to consider the proposals by Damian Ltd and Mr Singh to provide pharmacy facilities in the parish.    Penshurst was classified as a reserve location with 797 people within the 1.6km area, not 2,700 as required.   Any pharmacy would need to be in suitable premises and require 2,750 clients to be financially viable.   Although any decision would favour Mr Singh based on the extended hours offered this outcome would not be considered commercially viable and it was doubtful he would be able to secure premises for the project. 
g.            Penshurst Rectory Wall:   Report and photographs received from diocesan engineers explaining work undertaken.    Preliminary minor clearance of the wall had been done to ascertain the extent of repairs required.   A specification was being prepared for the diocese together with costs of work involved.
4.            REPORTS:
a.            Swaylands:   Garrick Homes were on site to make the part built apartments water-tight.
b.         Kent County Councillor:     Arrived from previous meetings after meeting closed.
c.            Sevenoaks District Councillor:     SDCllr Cooke advised there were concerns over the S.106 relating to Swaylands, the Residents’ Association are continuing negotiations with administrators of Heritable Capital Partners.   Clerk to check with school whether donation promised under S.106 had been received.   Cllr Cooke to ask for further meeting regarding yellow ling at ’T’ junction at Fordcombe, clerk to provide copy letter addressed to PC.  
Cllr Cooke was thanked for recent prompt action in arranging the collection of full bottle bank containers from the PORC site, clerk to write to SDC asking that this be carried out on a more regular basis.   Cllr Cooke suggested all councillors take particular note of the current SDC document – Core Strategy – being circulated.
d.         KALC:    The recent meeting had discussed S.106 agreements and the Joint Transport Board report encouraging Parish Councils to use them as a tool to progress highways issues
e.         Community Officer:     PCSO Kingscott had advised the clerk that information relating to ’Safer Plates’ for cars would be available at the Farmer’s Market on the 2 May 2009.
5.            HIGHWAYS:  
Proposed meeting with other parishes deferred.       
Reported Items:   Following email forwarded 16 March to Liaison Officer
Item 10002224 – Long Bridge: We do not agree with the decision which appears to have been based solely on data provided by the police up to September 2008. Members are aware of regular problems at this site and a cursory glance at the condition of the sides of the bridge gives a good indication to the number of times there is an impact at this point. For the sake of the provision of a little white paint for lines to be introduced members feel this would be a very cost effective way to solve a problem. We would prefer this was not relegated to a ‘pending’ file. We would also point out that we passed pictures to the team showing the results of an accident at that point some considerable time ago when we met.
Item 16229893 – Poundsbridge Hill Junction Drainage Repairs required to prevent flooding at Poundsbridge Church. Your comment that this work will be carried out together have been noted.    Cllr Cooke reported on spring water running down Poundsbridge Hill, no gullies had been cleared, this would present a risk when icy.
Remodelling of High Street/Leigh Road Junction – You say Steven Noad is unclear about the specific location of this, if he checks his email system I think you’ll see he has it under the Penshurst Institute Footway and the question of the Library van was raised by Peter Lake in relation to this site which might also jog his memory. A meeting was held on Wednesday 10 December at 8.30 am at the Village Hall site in Penshurst to inspect and discuss options which Mr Noad attended.
Slippery Footpath paving – We note the comments from Steve Smith, Community Delivery Team Leader, and would reply as follows:
The company chosen by the PC to carry out this work is:
Contractor’s Details:
Jet Line Air Power Co. Ltd
(Wilmshurst Blasting)
They are quoting to carry out the work as appended:
Detail of proposed works and method:
All machinery to be sited in designated areas
Provide protection to all property in affected area
All vehicles to be moved from affected area
Warning Signs to be in operation
Grit blast estimate 270 sq m of brick pavers to remove shiny glaze surface back to a non slip matt finish
All spent abrasive to be removed from site
Site to be left clean and tidy
With regard to a risk assessment, I have no draft example for completion, please forward an example of the format preferred by county – bearing in mind the size of this job – and I will endeavour to complete same.

School Warning Sign:   Spare key to adjust system promised within 2/3 days of previous meeting, not received by clerk at time of preparation of agenda.    Marked under reference number 10002385.    
No further information available at time of meeting with regard to above items.
Junction The Lane/Chafford Lane:    See previous noted.                             
Clerk to write to SDC regarding ceasing of lay by dustcart rubbish collection.
Parishioner willing to relinquish land to provide footpath
Large dangerous drop of land close by ‘The Moat’
Suggestion that resident from Doubleton Lane area write to highways, clerk to provide address
Parishioner unaware of change to Conservation Area and consequent affect on property, process of notification and date of last review to be checked
Parishioner apologised for work being undertaken by EDF on property, also advised that licence allowing permission obtained from Forestry Commission for tree felling.   He also advised those present that he had experienced three break ins during one month but had not reported these to the police or the neighbourhood watch.
6.            PLANNING:
SE/09/00474/LBC: Old Lodge, Spring Hill, Fordcombe: Replacement front door
SE/09/00665: Ivy Cottage, Poundsbridge Lane, Penshurst: Demolition of existing shed and erection of new
SE/09/00711: The Oast, Spring Hill, Fordcombe: Erection of single storey side extension
The above sites to be visited
SE/09/00077: Little Chart, Smarts Hill, Penshurst:   Retention of existing outbuilding with sloping roof.   GRANTED
SE/08/02731: The Barn, The Vineyard, Grove Road, Penshurst: Conversion of remainder of partially converted barn to residential use.   GRANTED
SE/09/00154: Chafford Rise, Chafford Lane, Fordcombe: Proposed single storey rear extension. REFUSED
SE/08/03381: Salmans Oast, Salmans Lane, Penshurst: Erection of extending link building and internal alterations.   REFUSED
09/00335/WTCA: The Old Rectory, High Street, Penshurst: Reduce 4 Yew Trees by 40% in conservation area
09/00422/WTA: The Old Rectory, High Street, Penshurst: Various work to 8 Yew trees in a conservation area
09/00629/WTCA: Star House, Fordcombe Road, Penshurst: Removal of one conifer tree
09/00687/WTPO:   24 The Drive, Hedge Barton Trailer Park, Chafford Lane, Fordcombe: Remove 1 No. Canadian Oak Tree
SE/09/00314:   3 Pioneer Cottages, Smarts Hill, Penshurst: Erection of a two storey side extension and alterations. GRANTED
7.            CORRESPONDENCE:
a.         KCC:   Common Land/Village Green Seminar
b.         SDC:   Public Consultation on Air Quality Action Plan – 2009
c.            Hospice in the Weald:   Request for financial assistance with Bereavement Support
d.         Royal London Society for the Blind:   Request for inclusion of notice in parish publications             publicising annual event
e.         SDC:   Notification of Parish Forum on 30 April 2009
f.            Penshurst Almshouses:   Advice received that a ground floor bed/sitting room would be available from 6 April 2009 for a single person.   Conditions apply to eligibility and applications should be made in writing to Mr P F Johnson, Clerk to the Trustees, 2 The Glebe, Penshurst TN11 8DR.   Clerk had posted information regarding this vacancy on the noticeboard.
g.            Treasurer – Fordcombe Village Hall Committee: Letter of thanks for donation towards roof repairs
8.            FINANCE:
The following accounts were presented and approved for payment:     
Mr I Streeter                                          Lengthsman                                                         78.00
KALC                                                     Annual Subscription                                            573.83
CPRE                                                     Annual Subscription                                               29.00
RIP Cleaning Services                                    Dog Waste Removal                                         34.50
South East Water                           Warren Allotments                                                  8.51
a.   Penshurst Churchyard Path:    Work still awaiting outcome of highways response to parish request to carry out work to pavement.           
b.   Play Area Project:   A request for £50 for a pump priming fund for the project had been received from the committee, this was unanimously approved.
a.         Play Area:   Cllr Gilbert had removed an unsafe item of equipment reported by a mother, Cllr Viccars to contact Chase Fencing to affect a swift repair. (Chase instructed, not certain if attendance possible before Easter weekend.)   A recent consultation meeting to discussed the proposed new project been successful, the next meeting on the 27 April was to develop paperwork for funding.
b.            Poundsbridge Churchyard:   Cllr Campbell raised the issue of the maintenance of the site, it was confirmed this was not the responsibility of the Parish Council
c.         Bottle House Allotments:   Cllr Campbell suggested the allotment holders identify a specific area on the site for burning of rubiish to encourage tidying of the site which was necessary.   A letter to promote this idea and reminder of allotment holders responsibilities to be sent to tenants.
d.            Penshurst Bus Shelter: Cllr Sellings reported the roof was leaking, Cllr Geal will check
e.            Fencing: Cllr Sellings reported on damaged fencing near the bridge at Penshurst which would present a danger to children
f.            Highways: There was a broken road sign in Coldharbour Road and the 40 sign on the Leigh to Penshurst Road was incorrectly positioned.
Meeting concluded at 9.30 pm                                                Next Meeting 14 April 2009 –

                                                                   Annual Parish Assembly at Fordcombe