Ordinary Meeting Minutes 5/05/2009


Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 5 May 2009 at 7.30 pm in Fordcombe Village Hall
1.            PRESENT: Cllrs C Viccars (Chairman), Mrs D Broad, A Campbell, D Geal, M Gilbert, Mrs A Hill, R Horsford, R Sellings
Cllr Gilbert nominated Cllr Viccars, seconded by Cllr Mrs Hill to be Chairman of Penshurst Parish Council. Cllr Viccars accepted the nomination for a set period of three months during which time he would work closely with Cllr Sellings in order that he would be able to take on the Chairmanship after this period.   This was unanimously approved.
Cllr Viccars nominated Cllr Mrs Broad as Vice-Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Gilbert and unanimously approved.
Appointment of Representatives:   It was agreed that the following members hold the respective posts for the ensuing year.
KAPC Representatives:       Cllrs Gilbert & Mrs Hill  
Village Hall Representative (Penshurst): Cllr Mrs Broad, (Fordcombe): Cllr Geal
Planning Representatives: All councillors to be available Chairman to contact as necessary
Transport Forum Representative: Cllrs Sellings and Mrs Broad
Swaylands Representative: Cllrs Sellings and Geal
Footpath Representative:    Cllr Mrs Broad              
Allotments:     Cllrs Sellings, Campbell and Mrs Hill
3.            MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 6 April, having been circulated, were approved and signed by the Chairman.    The clerk thanked Cllr Mrs Hills for her help in producing the minutes due to her absence through illness.
MINUTES OF ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY held on 14 April were noted.          
Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items  
If a Member has a prejudicial interest, this should be declared at the start of the meeting.
Personal interests may be declared at this point or alternatively can be declared at the time when the specific item is being discussed, if a Member wishes to speak on an item in which s/he has a personal interest.     NONE
4.            MATTERS ARISING:
a.            Fordcombe Hospital Bus Stop:    Cllr Viccars had been informed that the Hospital Manager was willing to assist, clerk to write to both the hospital and the adjacent home to suggest they contact Langton PC regarding provision of a hard standing for the bus stop to improve the safety for both employees using the service and visitors to the sites.
b.         Public Toilets:    Date arranged for meeting with Richard Wilson of SDC for 7 May at 9 am.      
c.         S.106 Agreement School Donation:   School confirm this has been received.
d.         Bulk Refuse Collection:   Decision taken by SDC to end service at 2009 budget meeting after one year’s grace afforded in 2008, no consultation process undertaken, decision taken as cost cutting measure. Members noted that a large number of parishioners regretted the loss of the service, fly tipping had already been experienced locally and was being monitored.
e.         30 MPH Signs:   Clerk to report missing signed in Coldbarbour Road and Chafford Lane.    
f.            Penshurst Conservation Area:   Review of original 2003 conservation area undertaken in 2006, map displayed on parish noticeboard during February 2006 together with contact details for responses.    Residents directly affected by review should have been contacted by SDC direct.   Review finalised in December 2006.
g.            Penshurst Bus Shelter Roof: Cllr Geal to inspect on 7 May and report to PC at following meeting.
5.            REPORTS:
a.            Swaylands:  Cllr Sellings confirmed that Garrick Homes were completing the site.   A meeting had been held with residents and interested parties, landscaping having been discussed. SDC Cllr Cooke advised that there was concern at the SDC stance that the S.106 be strictly adhered to.   Work was anticipated to commence within four weeks on the first block with it being finished by the end of the year. The Lodge was to be sold.  
b.         Kent County Councillor:    No Report
c.            Sevenoaks District Councillor:     Cllr Cooke apologised for his non attendance at the recent Annual Parish Assembly due to confusion with meeting dates.    He reminded members of the importance of the Local Development Framework Core Strategy document covering many aspects of future planning including the MGB and AONB.    Preferred options would be published in September 2009 when a further opportunity for comment would be afforded.   Cllr Cooke to provide information on Parish Plans, the formation of which had changed giving Parish Councils the opportunity to become involved in their preparation.   SDC Officer Debbie Rice was happy to provide information for anyone wishing to set up a B&B.   Planning requirements relating to altered access points to sites was discussed, Cllr Cooke explained the involvement of Highways in the planning process.   Cllr Cooke and the members of the Parish Council were appalled at the recent introduction of the yellow lines at Fordcombe, this having been carried out without further consultation as requested.   Clerk to ask for access to responses to plans, Cllr Cooke to also investigate issue.
d.         KALC:   Minutes of previous meeting circulated. 
e.         Community Officer :     PCSO Anne Kingscott had advised the clerk that there had been a theft from an outbuilding in Fordcombe and an attempted burglary in Penshurst
6.            HIGHWAYS: 
Proposed meeting with other parishes deferred.       
Reported Items:                          
Item 10002224 – Long Bridge:    Response from Steven Noad: ’I reiterate that whilst I understand that this is a high priority for the parish it’s not at the moment at the top of the highways list. I have put this back into my personal file for action.’
Item 16229893 – Poundsbridge Hill Junction Work scheduled for completion with Poundsbridge Church drainage repairs. (Advised by Alison Lewis work would definitely commence this month with investigative work initially to check drainage runs etc. then completion work to follow, exact date awaited)           
Remodelling of High Street/Leigh Road Junction – Response from Steven Noad: ‘If this is the junction at the High Street/Penshurst Road (Leigh Road) I did attend a meeting last year with the parish and Peter Lake – My response to all on the 19th December 2008 still applies and little has changed apart for the fact we are attempting to take this forward for the 2010/11 or 11/12 PIPKiN funding routes’
Slippery Footpath paving: Passed to Steve Smith, Community Delivery Team Leader for response, no response received at time of meeting.      
Hedgecutting/Swathe Cutting: Cllr Gilbert advised this was due to be undertaken during May, clerk to obtain contact details of Cleartrack in order that members could discuss extent of work being undertaken.
Annual Highways Meeting:   Information received that officers would be available to attend a meeting so that members could raise issues they wished to discuss, Cllr Gilbert to formulate list.
OPEN SESSION    No Issues Raised
7.            PLANNING:
Planning Applications:
SE/09/00474/LBCOld Lodge, Spring Hill, Fordcombe: Replacement front door.   No Comment
SE/09/00665: Ivy Cottage, Poundsbridge Lane, Penshurst: Demolition of existing shed and erection of new.    No Comment
SE/09/00711: The Oast, Spring Hill, Fordcombe: Erection of single storey side extension. No comment other than the proposal seems to satisfactorily address the points on which the previous application for a conservatory was dismissed on appeal.
SE/09/00644: 14 Swaylands, Penshurst Road, Penshurst:   Demolition of existing brick wall and erection of timber screen.   No Comment
SE/09/TEMP/0010: Fordcombe C of E Primary School: Erection of a timber shelter and associated tarmac surfacing.   No Comment
SE/09/TEMP/0013: Penshurst C of E School: Provision of hard standing area, trail and pathways, creation of a small turf mound. No Comment
SE/09/00780: The Bottle House, Coldharbour Road, Penshurst:   Internal boiler replacement with condensing oil fired boiler. The PC have concerns about the installation of the oil tank above the flat roof, this is apparently not best practice as advised by the manufacturers. There is no catch pit to deal with leaks should these occur at some point in the future.
Cllr Mrs Hill left the meeting.
DECISIONS:    None received at date of preparation of agenda.
09/00815/WTCA: The Moat, Penshurst Road, Penshurst: Various works to trees in a Conservation Area
8.            CORRESPONDENCE:
a.            Penshurst Place:   Information regarding current management contacts.
b.         Kent Primary Care Agency NHS:   Report on meeting of Pharmaceutical Regulations Committee meeting held on 19 March 2009 to consider applications from Mr D Singh and Damian Ltd for pharmacies.   Meeting confirmed that whole of delineated neighbourhood was within a Controlled Locality.   The committee considered each of the two applications and agreed both were approvable in their own right.   Having agreed however that only one application was necessary or desirable/expedient the committee approved Mr Singh’s application in particular on the following points: the longer opening hours offered, in particular weekend hours and the much earlier date of Mr Singh’s application.
Advice received by clerk from Warders that result of meeting was not envisaged to have any impact on the service they currently offer parishioners via the surgery at the Village Hall. Parishioners would not be required to use any other prescription service as a result of the meeting decision other than that offered by the current doctors, the current service would be continuing.
c.         SDC:    Youth Zone to visit Fordcombe Cricket Ground on 13 August 2009.
d.         TWBC:   TWBC Local Development Framework Core Strategy Submission Document for comment
e.         Kent Highways Services:   Request for assistance in collating database of ownership of ditches in parishes.
f.          SDC:    Offer of free training course – Suicide Intervention Skills
9.            FINANCE:
The following accounts were presented and approved for payment:     
Mr I Streeter                                          Lengthsman                                                        78.00
Allianz Insurance                                  Annual Premium                                               737.28
RIP Cleaning                                          Dog Waste Removal                                      43.13
Complete Weed Control                          Fordcombe Village weed treatment             161.00
Fordcombe Village Hall                                Hall Hire                                                               5.00
Mrs E M Divall                                        Clerk Salary                                                   550.00
a.   Annual Accounts: Clerk provided the final quarterly accounts together with the annual accounts for members.   Notes to accounts were also provided for reference.   The internal audit had been completed with no matters of concern having been raised.
It was agreed that the Chairman and clerk sign the Statement of Assurance and complete The Annual Return prior to despatch to the external auditors together with documentation requested for the audit.  
It was agreed that the terms and conditions of parish council accounts be confirmed for forthcoming year.
All legal rights for electors with regard to accounts had been complied with regarding posting of notices and information on regulations. 
a.            Footpaths:   Clerk advised that landowners were responsible for condition of their property adjacent to footpaths, the Public Rights of Way Officer would advise on any aspect of the footpaths themselves.
b.            Potholes:   Members reported that there were still considerable problems with potholes in the parish.
c.         30 MPH Flashing Indicators:   The cost of these units to be discussed with highways officers during visit.

Meeting concluded 9.35 pm                                                           Next Meeting 1 June 2009