Ordinary Meeting Minutes 2/11/2009


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Penshurst Parish Council held on 2 November 2009 at 7.30 pm in Fordcombe Village Hall
1.            PRESENT:    Cllrs R Sellings (Chairman), Mrs D Broad, A Campbell, S Frederick D Geal, M Gilbert, Mrs A Hill (Advised late arrival), R Horsford, C Viccars
2.            MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 5 October, having been circulated, were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items
If a Member has a prejudicial interest, this should be declared at the start of the meeting.
Personal interests may be declared at this point or alternatively can be declared at the time when the specific item is being discussed, if a Member wishes to speak on an item in which s/he has a personal interest.   NONE   
3.            MATTERS ARISING:
a.            Fordcombe Hospital Bus Stop:    Members noted that a gap had been introduced to the hedge opposite the hospital, it was hoped that this area might be adaptable to being used for bus passengers to get off the bus safely.   Cllr Horsford to discuss with landowner and report to next parish council meeting.
(Subsequent inspection of the site indicates this would not be a safe area to adapt for passengers)
b.         Public Toilets:     Clerk had contacted Richard Wilson of SDC regarding the retention of the public toilets who advised that an offer to assist with the costs of the facilities would be acceptable to put before the committee.   Members discussed the benefit of placing a petition in the Post Office for parishioners to sign or inviting tourists/visitors to the parish to support the PC’s initiative.   Information on situation to be placed in parish magazines.
c.         Village Seat – Fordcombe Green:   Cllr Viccars confirmed that the seats in the vicinity had been discussed at the recent Village Hall Committee meeting, members were advised that there were plans in hand to refurbish these during the next few months.
d.         BT Payphone: SDC had supported the PC’s request to retain the telephone box at the Chafford Arms. BT Payphones had written confirming that the box would remain in service.   PC advised that should BT wish to remove the box at a future date, the regulatory ninety day consultation would be undertaken.  
Clerk was asked to contact BT regarding the smashed glass in the telephone box on Smarts Hill, Cllr Campbell to provide number for clerk. (Reported under reference ND6GKN54)
e.            Allotments:   Cllrs Sellings and Campbell had inspected the sites, clerk tabled a written report on their condition.    Clerk to write to allotment holders advising of work required where necessary, this to be completed by the end of March 2010 or allotments could be withdrawn.
f.          Trees:    Cllr Gilbert confirmed the landowner would be checking the chestnut trees on his property adjacent to Spring Hill.
g.         Speed Signs:   Clerk had submitted the completed application forms for the two speed indicator units, one for each village, KCCllr Lake confirmed he had approved and signed the forms, he would liaise with county and the PC with regard to siting and timing of installation of the units.
h.            Highways Seminar:   A seminar was taking place on 24 November, no one was available to attend on this occasion.
4.            REPORTS:
a.            Swaylands:    Cllr Sellings advised that nine units had been sold, The Lodge was also being sold. The sewerage had been completed, the electrics were being finalised.   Chris Baston had left.  
Cllr Sellings to provide Cllr Gilbert with name and number of contact to arrange for church choir to attend Christmas village charity fund raising celebration at Swaylands. 
b.         Kent County Councillor:      Cllr Lake confirmed road signs would be cleaned or replaced as necessary.   Cllr Lake supported the PC’s agreement to the Conservation Officer’s suggestion on the shot blasting of the slippery pavement area, no one wished to see it covered with tarmac.   Cllr Lake would reinforce the feelings of the PC with highways, if necessary money from the Members’ fund could be used for this work although he felt it should be paid from highway funding as this was considered to be a health and safety issue.   Cllr Lake had discussed highways with Cllr Nick Chard who had agreed that the current system was unacceptable.
c.            Sevenoaks District Councillor:   Cllr Cooke had advised the clerk he had discussed the Country Eye initiative with the owner of PORC and would be providing a copy of the printed information available.
d.         KALC:     Agenda papers for the next meeting and AGM had been received.
e.         Community Officer :     PCSO Anne Kingscott had advised the clerk that a caravan had been dumped between Penshurst and Fordcombe, Cllr Horsford confirmed this had now been removed.   Approaches had been made to the homes of two elderly residents.    Building materials and a mower had been stolen from properties in Fordcombe.
5.            HIGHWAYS:
Slippery Pavement Surface:  Covered under Kent County Councillor’s report.  
Longbridge:   Clerk advised this was now logged on system under Ref: 10002224 for future works although no date was available as it would not be in the next financial year.
Highway Inspector:   Sue Ireland provided date for meeting with Allan Gibbons as 9.30 on Thursday 19 November at Fordcombe Village Hall, clerk to list items for discussion.                 
White Line at Entrance to Leicester Square:   Dogbone white line requested via call centre under reference 16312799. Clerk advised that prior to providing the white line highways Network Performance Team required the PC to carry out survey of vehicles obstructing the entrance, reporting incidents to the police for incident numbers and providing a non-refundable payment to county of £115 for them to also carry out a survey on receipt of PC‘s application and supporting evidence.     If the highways survey agreed with the PC survey, the PC would then be required to pay a further sum of £150 to have the work carried out.    Clerk to provide Cllr Lake with a copy of county documentation.
River Medway Bridleway Bridge:     Problems with access during poor weather reported to highways who had advised Nicky Biddall the PRoW Officer.   In view of the length of time it took to carry out the previous repair work it was not anticipated that this would be completed during the current financial year.
Resurfacing:   Clerk advised she had been told that the layby opposite Penshurst Place would be included in the resurfacing project scheduled for Penshurst Road.
Verge Mowing:    Article placed in magazines advising parishioners of regulations relating to hedge and verge work and landowners’ responsibilities with regard to hedging adjacent to highways and pavements.   
Village Name Signs:   Condition of village name signs near Penshurst Place and Glebelands reported to Sue Ireland, reference number 10004152 allocated.   Clerk to report incorrect road signs erected at Salmans Lane.
Penshurst Junction:   Stephen Noad had contacted the clerk with regard to the junction at the village hall with Penshurst Road and the PC’s request to introduce kerbing to slow traffic entering the road from the Fordcombe road direction.
Cllr Mrs A Hill arrived.
Mr Adam Shorter wished to let the PC know that he was submitting a planning application to continue with the poly tunnels but that he would be omitting an area of the bank opposite the Warren, he would be happy to discuss the application at a future PC meeting, clerk to liaise with Mr Shorter when official application received.   A problem with litter on the site was reported, Mr Shorter confirmed that efforts were made to tidy the area but with the high volume of materials used throughout the year this did cause problems.
A resident raised the problem of a boggy surface in the Watstock/Gill Ridge area for walkers and cyclists.   Mr Shorter advised that they were investigating the drainage in that area and would possibly be able to carry out work to alleviate the situation.
6.            PLANNING:
SE/09/02308: Blowers Hill, Grove Road, Penshurst: Demolition of 1950’s kitchen extension. Provision of new kitchen/family room extension under a ‘cat slide’ roof and internal alterations to original building to provide first floor bathroom and toilet facilities.   The Parish Council have no objections to the extension but are unhappy with the materials suggested ie white weather boarding, as this is not in keeping with the rest of the property.
SE/09/02267: Woodgate Manor, (Swaylands) Penshurst Road, Penshurst: Reconfiguration of Apartment 2 to provide additional three bedroom apartment on Eastern Apartment block.   TBA
SE/09/01888: The Barn, The Vineyard, Grove Road, Penshurst: Complete conversion of Barn into a house and reconstruct the collapsed part of the Aisle to the north of porch.   REFUSED
SE/09/01985:  The Oast, Spring Hill, Fordcombe: Erection of single storey extension with eight roof lights, internal alterations to improve layout.   REFUSED
SE/09/01823: Barnfold Cottage, Saints Hill, Penshurst: Proposed insertion of two standard constructed roof lights in existing roof slopes to side elevations (east and west), demolition of chimney stack on west elevations.  Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use Granted.
SE/09/01849: Eureka, Fordcombe Road, Fordcombe: Erection of two storey extension to side and front porch.   GRANTED
SE/09/01591: Chafford Rise, Chafford Lane, Fordcombe: Proposed demolition of outbuilding and erection of rear extension. Demolition of garage and erection of replacement garage. REFUSED
SE/09/02005: Chafford House, Spring Hill, Fordcombe:   Replacement garage with increased footprint, incorporating summerhouse and tractor shed. Relocated to minimise disturbance to badger set.    GRANTED
SE/09/01511: Land South of Stackyard, The Lane, Fordcombe: Change of Use from agricultural land to keep horses for personal recreational use.   Erection of 2 stables, tack room, hay store and hard standing.    GRANTED
09/02359/WTPO: Culver House, Penshurst Road, Penshurst: Coppicing of holly, yew and laurel
HW/TPO//2009 – Land south of 14 New Road, Penshurst: 2 Oak, 1 Cherry, 1 Ash, 7 Hazel
7.            CORRESPONDENCE:
a.         Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Hunt:   Advice that the hunt will be meeting at Chiddingstone             Castle on Boxing Day
b.         SDC:  Safety Partnership Strategy & Action Plan 2008-2011
c.         High Weald AONB Unit: Annual Review 2008/9
d.         KALC:   Notice of Annual General Meeting
e.         Kent Police Authority: Policing Kent 2010/13 Survey
8.            FINANCE:
The following accounts were presented and approved for payment:    
Mr I Streeter                                          Lengthsman                                                        78.00
RIP Cleaning Services                                    Dog Waste Removal                                      34.50
Fordcombe Village Hall                                Hall Hire Fee                                                        12.00
Derek Baker                                           Fordcombe Churchyard Mowing                         720.00
Mrs E M Divall                                        Clerk Expenses March – November                   562.39
a.   Penshurst Churchyard:     Mr Johnston had walked the graveyard and made a visual inspection of the area, no problems had been evident at that time, he would not accept a fee offered by the council but was happy to offer his time on a voluntary basis, clerk advised the council was covered for voluntary workers under its insurance.   Clerk had reported problems with the footpath through the churchyard to the Public Rights of Way Officer and was awaiting information on any planned repairs.   
b.   Precept 2010/2011:     Clerk had circulated the draft precept figures for members to consider.   No further projects had been added to the figures for 2010/11.    After further discussion it was agreed to increase two cost centres by £1000 each ie General Repairs for Churchyard Maintenance and Tree Surgery (H&S).   Clerk recalculated the figures to advise of a final precept of £19,060.    This was unanimously agreed, clerk to advise SDC.
a.         Rogues Hill Bridge: Clerk to report wear on white ‘stop’ line on approach to bridge.
b.         Police Surgery:   Cllr Viccars advised that this was due to be held in Fordcombe Village Hall but no official notification of a booking had been received.
c.            Website:   Cllr Viccars had recently brought the website up to date and provided minutes of the PC together with links to other organisations that parishioners might find useful. 
d.            Saltbins: Cllr Geal would check stocks of salt in order that arrangements could be made to refill where necessary.

Meeting concluded at 8.50 pm                                   Next Meeting 7 December 2009 – Penshurst