Ordinary Meeting Minutes 10/06/2015



Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 10 June 2015 at 7.45pm

  in Penshurst Village Hall


PRESENT:  Cllrs A Campbell (Chairman), I Carson, J Cass, S Frederick, J Horsford, J O’Shea, R Rees, B Townsend

In attendance:  SDCllr P Cooke, Mrs K Staff, 13 members of the public



Cllr J Broadhead was delayed by traffic.

In the absence of the Clerk through illness, the Chairman proposed Mrs Kathy Staff be appointed as Clerk for the meeting, and it was

Resolved:            to appoint Mrs Kathy Staff as Clerk for the meeting, at the usual hourly rate for the Clerk, plus mileage


Declarations of interests in agenda items:

Cllr B Townsend – pecuniary interest SE/15/01602  27 St Peters Row, Fordcombe

and SE/15/01565  1 St Peters Row, Fordcombe

Cllr S Frederick – pecuniary interest in Forge Field

Cllr R Rees         – non-pecuniary interest in Gatwick Airport


Cllr O’Shea raised an issue of Predetermination and was advised to refer this to the Monitoring Officer.



Minutes of the EOM held on 28 April 2015 having been previously circulated, the Chairman proposed they be approved, and it was

Resolved:            to approve the minutes of the EOM on 28 April 2015, voting four in favour, three against, with one abstention

Minutes of the 18 May 2015 Annual Parish Council meeting having been

previously circulated, the Chairman proposed they be approved, and it was

Resolved:            to approve the minutes of the 18 May 2015 Annual Parish Council meeting, voting five in favour, and three against

Cllr Rees wished the minutes to record that amendments he had forwarded were not considered.

Members noted the minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held 13 April 2015.

The Chairman closed the formal business



Cllr J Broadhead joined the meeting

Issues raised by members of the public included overgrown hedges narrowing the pavement between Glebelands and the school; a Highways drain now unblocked

but still sunken, despite showing as fault 136309 cleared on the report (see item 8); 30mph sign approaching Fordcombe on Spring Hill obscured by foliage; a hawthorn obscuring sightlines approaching the river bridge down Rogues Hill; painting of litter bins in Leicester Square.

The Chairman re-opened the formal business

Sevenoaks District Council Penshurst Rural Exception Housing Site Assessment:

Comments from members received prior to the meeting had been circulated, and were discussed.  It was unanimously

Resolved:            that the comments made by councillors’ be sent to SDC, and that the parish council believes the scoring, methodology and wording are issues for the Planning Authority, that it is inappropriate to address the issue of harm in the Assessment, and the choice of Housing Provider is a matter for the landowner; and also to submit Cllr Carson’s individual comments.


The Chairman invited SDCllr Cooke to comment, and he advised the parish to send response to Richard Morris and copied to the Chief Executive at SDC.

Cllr Cooke had asked for clear definitions on Core Strategy SP4, particularly of “adjoining” the village boundary, and would provide this for circulation with the minutes.

Cllr Cooke also highlighted his concern regarding the Right-to-Buy being introduced by the Government, understanding that it would not include Exception sites, but it was an issue to watch




SE/15/00978:  Birling Cottage, Coldharbour Road, Penshurst:  Rear extension to existing house and garage.                             PC Support

SE/15/01122:  Salmans Farm, Salmans Lane, Penshurst:  Erection of a steel portal frame.

SE/15/01031:  The Sheiling, Coopers Lane, Penshurst:  Erection of a boundary fence (retrospective).                                   PC Support

SE/14/03773:  The Bungalow, Daneby Hall, The Lane, Fordcombe:  Change of use of part of an existing building to residential accommodation.  (Retrospective)

The PC have the same concerns as previously recorded against this site so would leave any final decision to the officer dealing with the issue.

SE/15/01234:  Courtlands Wood, Grove Road, Penshurst:   Erection of steel portal frames barn.

SE/15/00896:  Colquhouns, High Street, Penshurst:  Rebuilding of damaged wall.

SE/15/01362:  Gate Cottage, The Lane, Fordcombe:  Demolition of existing garage, erection of side extension and garden room, addition of dormers and internal alterations.  Re-cladding of barn to convert into a garage.

SE/15/01344:  Garden Cottage, Walters Green Road, Penshurst:  Proposed conservatory

SE/15/01602:  27 St Peters Row, Fordcombe.  Erection of a single storey side extension.

SE/15/01565:  1 St. Peters Row, Fordcombe:   Proposed loft conversion.

Site visits would be arranged for Thursday or Monday, attended by  Cllr Rees, Cllr Campbell, Cllr Cass, and Cllr O’Shea


SE/15/01234:  Courtlands Wood, Grove Road, Penshurst:   Erection of steel portal framed barn.                                           Prior Approval Not Required.

Members agreed to seek clarification whether the proposal qualified as agricultural or forestry use.

SE/15/01122:  Salmans Farm, Salmans Lane, Penshurt:   Erection of steel portal frame.                                                       Prior Approval Not Required.


SE/15/00556:  1 St Peters Row, Fordcombe:

SE/15/00723:  Rogues Hill House, Rogues Hill:  Proposed new vehicular access with new gates.

Tree Surgery:

HW/TPO/06/2015:   Wayside, Spring Hill, Fordcombe:  Work to horse chestnut trees


SE/14/00908:  1 Smarts Hill, Penshurst:  Single Storey Extension:            REFUSED


a.         Long Bridge Project:     Email received from Richard Heaps regarding the feasibility of a priority system at Long Bridge together with other measures to slow speed of traffic along B2188.   Circulated to members – priority system not feasible.

b.         Recording:   Members discussed the recording of PC Meetings, and

Resolved:   to agree in principle to record meetings of the parish council, and Cllr O’Shea would investigate options for sound recording equipment.

c.         Becket Trust:   Update by Chairman – Cllr Carson to continue as a trustee


7.         REPORTS:

a.    Kent County Councillor Clive Pearman:   Not present

b.    Sevenoaks District Councillor Paddy Cooke:

Cllr Cooke confirmed he would be serving on Development Control committee, Licensing, Housing Associations and Citizens Advice Bureau as District Councillor

c.    KALC:

Members were advised that the June meeting of KALC was cancelled, and the next was scheduled for September.

Members received reports from Peter Johnson on Almshouses and Neighbourhood Watch as follows:

d.    Alms Houses:

The recent meeting discussed building works to overcome damp walls, and contracts will be agreed soon for treatment to prevent future problems.

e.    Neighbourhood Watch:

Members noted eight police reports covering 12 May to 5 June featured only one crime in the parish – attempted theft of heating oil from Penshurst Village Hall.  Despite the alarm cables being cut,  the anti-theft device prevented oil being removed from the tank. A series of scams across Kent were also included in the reports, and these will be highlighted in the village magazines.  A two-vehicle collision occurred near the Thatched House on 3 June, but there was no serious injury.

f.          Speedwatch:   No report

g.     Gatwick Airport:  Procedure for meetings

As the minutes from the recent meeting of the High Weald Group had not yet been received, the Group had discussed acquisition of a mobile sound meter,  and the issue of delegated powers to Council representatives had arisen, it was

Resolved:            to include the item on the next Parish Council meeting in July for consideration

Cllr Cooke left the meeting


8.         HIGHWAYS:

Members noted the Highways reports as follows:

136309:  Outside 6 Glebelands:  Gully drain sinking and blocked.    Site inspected, metal replacement required, website indicates work completed.

Kerbstone – Junction Penshurst Road/High Street:  No further information available on timing for corner to be painted.

Pothole:  Towards Bidborough between Meadow Bank and Ashour.   Issue already raised by highways officer.

150197:   Culverts/Ditches:  Clearance needed adjacent to Marlpit Cottages/Poundsbridge junction.  Inspection undertaken 30 March 2015, preliminary clearance undertaken, Clerk reported lack of clearance work outside alms houses.

152169:  Potholes:  Clerk to report potholes at the Chafford Lane/Broad Lane junction.  Website indicates work completed as of 8 April.

152174:  Colliersland Bridge:  Clerk to report overgrown hedging from the bridge up the hill towards Sandfield Road, website indicates work completed 8 April.

152173:  Salt Bin:   Clerk to report damaged salt bin at top of Smarts Hill.   Clerk advised condition does not meet intervention criteria.

Highways Seminar:  Drainage maps promised by Katie Hughes would not now be provided due to cost, the possibility of placing the information on the website was being considered.

Kent Highways:  Notification received advising resurfacing work would be undertaken at Saints Hill from its junction with Saints Hill to the high friction surfacing at Colliersland Bridge, and in the High Street, Penshurst from its junction with Penshurst Place to the village school.   To be programmed.

Members were concerned at a report from Peter Johnson that Coach Road Bridge over the river Eden was showing sign of increased movement.  Cllr Frederick agreed to visit and inspect.


9.          FINANCE:

The following accounts were proposed for approval for payment:

Mr I Streeter

Lengthsman                                          £89.00

Complete Weed Control

Fordcombe Weed Treatment                 £192.00


Bulk Freighter                                      £177.60

Adam & Company

Penshurst Allotments                              £7.50

RIP Cleaning Services

Dog Waste Removal                               £67.20

Resolved:            to pay the above accounts and sign the cheques for payment

a.    Verge Maintenance:   Copy contract circulated to members.  It was noted three full swathe cuts were allowed for at £7020, but confirmation was not yet available from KCC regarding final delegated budget grant.

b.    Fordcombe Churchyard Paths:   Request for financial assistance with the cost of repairing the pathways in the churchyard.   Clerk approached five contractors, only one quotation received for part of the work.  Further checks were being made to find a contractor to carry out the contract.

c.    Parish Fun Day:   Members noted final confirmation of timing was awaited for the Fun Day at The Cricket Ground, Fordcombe, scheduled for 14 August.

d.    Bank Mandates:   Bank had been advised of signatory changes, forms awaited for completion.



a.         Local Government Boundary Commission for England:  Members noted the Electoral Review of Kent, draft recommendations.



Cllr Townsend reported from Fordcombe that the Dog warden would patrol in the village; trees over the Village Hall had been dealt with; a broken oak post on the green needed attention; and the flashing speed indicator on Fordcombe road was not working.  The defibrillator had been installed at the Village Hall, outside in its container, and £600 was required.  It was

Resolved:         to approach County Cllr Pearman for help with funding.

The meeting closed at 9.02pm