Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 6/06/2011



Minutes of the Meeting of Penshurst Parish Council held at Penshurst Village Hall on Monday 6 June 2011 at 7.30 pm

1. PRESENT: Cllrs J Cass, Mrs D Broad, J Broadhead, A Campbell, I Carson, S Frederick, J Horsford, J O’Shea, B Townsend



PC Vacancy: Individual meetings had been held on the 1 June with the four prospective candidates for the PC vacancy. After consideration it was unanimously agreed that Andrew Campbell be co-opted to the Penshurst Parish Council for the ensuing term. Cllrs Cass and Campbell signed the documentation provided by the clerk, ie Declaration, Bank Signatory Form, Registration of Interest. Cllr Cass signed the Chairman’s Declaration. Clerk to forward Registers of Interest to SDC.

Swaylands: Cllr Cass proposed that, in view of his good working relationship with the personnel at Swaylands, Rob Sellings be co-opted to act as PC liaison between the two organisations. This was agreed.

Clerk advised that Cllr Campbell had been co-opted as a full councillor with full voting rights to fill the PC vacancy, Rob Sellings in his capacity as liaison would not have voting rights.

2. MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 16 May 2011 having been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items

If a Member has a prejudicial interest, this should be declared at the start of the meeting.

Personal interests may be declared at this point or alternatively can be declared at the time when the specific item is being discussed, if a Member wishes to speak on an item in which s/he has a personal interest. NONE


Hedges: Cllrs Townsend and Horsford to advise clerk on ownership of area from Mitre Farm to hospital in order that she could write to request hedge be cut back. Clerk to write to owner of land between the two bridges in Penshurst to request vegetation be cut back adjacent to pavement and hawthorn opposite Bridge House be reduced to provide visibility line to Rogues Hill.

Interactive Speed Sign: White LEDs had failed, clerk to report fault to liaison officer and seek news of information downloading feature

Verge Cutting: No advice on date for work received, important that back roads used for diversionary purposes carried out.

Affordable Housing: No further information received from WKHA

KPG Letter: Members were asked if they had seen the letter provided at the Annual Parish Assembly, these were circulated in the PC papers.

Speedwatch: This was to be reintroduced, PC contact at Tonbridge Police Station was Nigel Rowe. The noise of the cat eyes when traffic was speeding near Doubleton lane was reported, clerk had previously discussed this with highways who stated the installation of the cats eyes was within accepted limits.


a. The Bottle House: Clerk provided paperwork for Cllr Campbell who would attend site with Cllrs Mrs Broad, Cass and Townsend.

b. Diversion Route Damage: See under Kent County Councillor report.

c. Leigh Barrier: Names of those interested in attending visit forwarded to Neil Gunn , no dates received as yet. Cllr Cass wished to be added to the list.


d. Allotments: Clerk advised there had been a problem at the allotments with regard to a padlock recently fitted on the gate the PC had allowed to be installed in fencing erected to deter dog walkers using the route as a short cut. One member wished to relinquish his allotment, clerk confirmed there was someone on the waiting list who still needed a plot. Cllr Campbell agreed to take on the responsibility again for liaising on the allotment sites.


a. Swaylands: Mr Sellings reported that the Lodge had been sold, there were two apartments in the main house and five in Woodgate remaining for sale. Residents wished to alter the current dusk to dawn external lighting at the garage area and replace with sensor lighting, dusk to dawn lighting was still a problem on the other side of the building. Current odour problems in relation to the sewerage system were being investigated. Advice had been received that the system was not defective in regard to Public Health issues but the officer was approaching the present vendors to discuss minor adjustments that may improve the situation.

b. Kent County Councillor: Cllr Lake had signed the grant papers for the £700 funding for the Fordcombe Play Area. He had noted the comments with regard to speeding and cats eyes and would contact Barbara Hucker (KCC liaison officer) regarding the introduction of double white lines. He confirmed he would like to see a permanent SID unit in Penshurst at or near the previous site which had proved very successful and would be happy to fund same. Members were advised that permanent units were only available with the 30MPH indicator and could have data collection equipment included, temporary ones could show the speed the motorist was travelling. The missing stop line at Colliersland Bridge had been reported. No date for verge cutting had been advised. Barry Frost had agreed the repairs for the diversion damage in April, further closure was expected to facilitate the central area of anti glare resurfacing in Fordcombe. It was anticipated this work would be carried out during the quieter periods of the day and take approximately three days from 12 June to raise the drains, resurface and white line. Cllr Lake had been advised that Spring Hill was to be closed again for ditch and verge repairs, he hoped this was a mistake and referred instead to the diversion route repairs. Cllr Lake had received complaints from both villages with regard to the recent elections and the voting system, he had approached SDC Electoral Office for advice.

c. Sevenoaks District Councillor: Cllr Cooke advised there was an appeal hearing regarding the retrospective planning application at Swaylands for the Repinol/lead roofing repairs. Cllr Cooke clarified the position with regard to garages and planning permission ie if the 50% permitted development had already been used there was no automatic right to build a garage as well, garages and permanent outbuildings must not exceed 40 sq. m. Cllr Cooke provided the clerk with information on drop in sessions being held on 16 June at Rickards Hall, Edenbridge (1.30 – 4 pm); 17 June at Town Council Offices, Swanley (10 am – 1pm) and 20 June (3 – 6.30 pm) at SDC offices to enable residents to comment on revised and new planning policies. Policies could also be viewed on www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/planning. Cllr Cooke confirmed there had been an anomaly on the electoral map in 1987 which was being checked.

d. KALC: Cllrs Broadhead and Carson would be attending the meeting on Friday.

e. Alms Houses: A complaint received from a resident regarding poor television reception had been actioned with a maintenance engineer repairing the aerial. More changes were required to suit the new system commencing May 2012.

f. Neighbourhood Watch: Mr Johnson explained that the Neighbourhood Watch had originally been set up by the PC which was unique, Penshurst was a relatively crime free area although a shed had recently been broken into in Coopers Lane with golf clubs and bag having been stolen plus a chain saw. He reported that he had also been approached by a number of residents who objected to the closure of the public toilets. The Coach Road bridge appeared to be unchanged, he suggested if the hedges were cut back on both sides of the road, vehicles should not be permitted to use the verge in the vicinity of the pill box as the centre support of the twin culvert was missing beneath the verge and would not support the weight of a vehicle.


Interactive Road Signs: Further information awaited from Transport and Development team contacted by Liaison Officer Sarah regarding collection of data and reintroduction of temporary unit. (Data subsequently received)

Penshurst Churchyard: Advice received from Derek Dennard regarding repairs required, minor repairs by way of reinstatement of bricks on path could be carried out without recourse to diocese, PC also asked to monitor pathway during ice and snow conditions in winter. It was unanimously agreed the minor repairs be carried out at a cost of £498 Plus VAT, clerk to action.

Footpaths/Public Rights of Way: Nicky Biddall advised that the Poundsbridge bridge was on the schedule for re-decking this year, if the budget stretches that far. The stile step had been removed in the direction of Nashes Farm as it was now possible to open the field gate so the stile was not required. An Interactive Map was available on www.kent.gov.uk/wexplorekent providing path numbers for reporting purposes, the schedule for clearance had been altered to allow for differentiation between well used and other paths ie some will get no cuts, some only one and others may get two cuts.

White Lining: Colliers Land Bridge (10004831) and Rogues Hill (10004832). Simon Allsopp (KCC Highways Engineer) advised reinstatement of lining required at Fordcombe after resurfacing work, will try to arrange work at Rogues Hill to be done at the same time, work instruction has been issued and may take up to 8/12 weeks. Aziz Jiwaji checking with regard to roundels required at Rogues Hill and reporting back, these should be covered by the S106 traffic calming section relating to Swaylands.

Glebelands: Problems with pavement surface running adjacent to numbers 11 – 16 reported to Jim Latheron’s department, SDC for action.

Overgrown Hedges: Letters forwarded to residents with properties along Fordcombe Road asking that overgrown hedging be cut back to improve safety of pedestrians.

Pavement: Length from Glebelands towards school reported as difficult to negotiate with push chairs/wheel chairs due to uneven surface. Ref. 28134.

6. PLANNING: Item to be moved to be discussed after the Open Session, Cllr Cass, Mrs Broad, Campbell and Horsford to attend site meetings.


SE/11/00994: Lakesview, Penshurst Road, Penshurst: Revision to planning permission and LBC SE/10/02239/02242 Demolition of Existing house, construction of replacement house, refurbishment of outbuildings attached to walled garden to form ancillary accommodation incorporating the construction of a partial basement for storage, and three underground car docks. No Comment

SE/11/01045: Lane Cottage, The Lane, Fordcombe: Replacement extension, replacement garage/stable with new in new location with replacement garage being converted to pool room. No Comment.

SE/11/00910: Smarts Hill House, Smarts Hill, Penshurst: Construction of new Pool House. The PC would advise that the proposal could, by virtue of its size, breach the 50% rule but the PC assume this aspect of the application will automatically be checked by the officer. Members have concern at the height of the building and the fact that the siting of same will damage the overhanging ancient oak and therefore impact on this beautiful tree.

SE/11/01057: Bakery Cottage, Fordcombe Road, Fordcombe: Proposed rear extension. The PC have no objections to the application but would advise that the Design and Access Statement, particularly Points 1.5, 2.1 and 2.2 bear no relationship to the application or the village.

SE/11/01198: Hamsell Farm Oast, Coopers Lane, Penshurst: Demolition of existing outbuilding, to be replaced and re-sited with a single storey oak frame outbuilding for storage and garage. No Comment


SE/11/00489: Barnfold Cottage, Saints Hill, Penshurst: Installation of log burning stove to kitchen with flue outside. GRANTED


The following were presented and approved for payment.

Mr I Streeter Lengthsman 86.00

CPRE Annual Subscription 29.00

Playdale Play Area Delivery & Installation 26,578.58

Penshurst Place Allotment Rental 7.50

Pallet Handling Play Area Fencing 5,407.20

a. Public Conveniences: Sign erected at toilet advising those interested in maintaining the service contact the clerk to register their support. Clerk advised she had been receiving a number of calls of objection to the closure.

b. Childrens’ Play Provision: Meeting held with other local Parish Councils to finalise arrangements for Family Fun Days, date booked with Fordcombe Village Hall for use of facilities on 11 August between 2 and 6 pm. The team running the event were encouraging all children up to the age of 12 to attend although those under 8 would need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. All those involved in the organisation had been CRB checked, a copy of the Insurance Cover for the organisation had been made available, a risk assessment would be undertaken by them and the area cleared after the event.

c. Litter & Dog Bins: Request received from Fordcombe Village Hall Management for parish to meet costs of emptying further dog waste bin if Village Hall purchase bin. It was unanimously agreed that the PC would accept the cost of this unit and monitor use during the initial stages. In view of completion of play area, rubbish bin will also require emptying, PC to include on existing schedule.


i. SDC Consultation: Local Development Framework Consultation – May 2011. Document available for viewing via SDC web site: www.sevenoaks.gov.uk.

ii KCC Consultation: KCC’s Minerals and Waste Development Framework – Regulation 25 Consultation. Document available on http://consult.kent.gov.uk/portal providing consultation documents and evidence base topic papers, accompanying Sustainability Assessment Commentary and Habitat Regulations Assessment Report. Comments can be forwarded to mwdf@kent.gov.uk.


a. Kent Highways Services: Parish and Town Council Seminar – 12 July at 9 am at Sessions House.

b. Library Bus: A number of residents had complained that the bus was unable to park at the Village Hall car park as spaces were taken up by other cars. Cllr O’Shea to discuss issue with Village Hall hirer and mention to be made in Parish Magazine.

c. Bottle Bank: Cllr Campbell to check again if SDC would provide bottle bank at Spotted Dog on trial basis.

d. Paddock Close: New BT telegraph poles had been erected opposite existing poles, Cllrs O’Shea and Townsend to meet, check situation and advise clerk.

e. Footpath: Cllr Campbell reported on a blocked footpath at Walters Green by the cottages, the sign had been removed and the footpath was impassable after fifty yards. Another sign was down further along, towards the corner. Cllr Mrs Broad to check and advise clerk.

Meeting concluded at 9 pm Next Meeting 4 July 2011 Fordcombe